Does quality count when getting stoned?

Does quality count when getting stoned?

I won’t bore with the history of Swarovski but it’s been around for yonks! 120+ years. So there is no doubt that Swarovski know the drill! It is the most premium crystal so why are you still considering buying work with acrylic (plastic let’s face it!) or lesser quality stones.

The major consideration, I know it! - It’s price - I totally get that! - Swarovski stones can be up to 10 x more expensive or more than it’s plastic replica. We all work hard for our dollars and don’t unfortunately have endless money! But let’s consider this…..

An example, If we spend $200 on genuine Swarovski crystal for a set but the plastic/acrylic equivalent that is on another makers set is $20!  This needs to be taken into consideration in the final price of an item.

Swarovski are INNOVATIVE with new shades and reflects coming out approximately every six months. Their most recent collection of ‘Shimmers’ is beyond stunning, multi-dimensional and blindingly reflective.

Importantly also to consider is how Swarovski cut their crystal - A quick part going back to year 12 science - The more cuts in the crystal = the more breaks the reflected light can bounce off - so plainly means - higher cuts = higher reflective value = YAY FOR MORE SPARKLING! A flat back round top stone from Swarovski will have 12-14 facets compared to 8 or less from their cheaper counterparts. And golly you know when you see a horse running in the arena that their tack set has Swarovski’s on it!

Challenge: Top Row: Plastic. Bottom: Lethal Leather Co only uses Swarovski crystals - side by side comparison, It wins every time.

It isn’t just the cut or number of facets though - it is the composition and ingredients is what also makes Swarovski superior in clarity, consistency and brilliance. The proportion if these minerals is a company secret!

This is how the quality list goes down:

  • Best: Swarovski Cut-Crystal 
  • Next: Czech Cut-Crystal Rhinestones;
  • Next: Machine Pressed (Molded) Crystal Rhinestones
  • Next: Cut Glass Rhinestones (somewhat higher-quality than machine pressed Rhinestones, but lesser-quality than Cut Crystal Rhinestones
  • Worst: Acrylic Rhinestones (Molded Plastic)

Does your tack maker purchase their Swarovski stones from a authorised Swarovski re-seller? - We do! And yep - it’ not just luxury make-up or purses and bags that are being counterfeit… There are East-Asian factories that are now duplicating Swarovski’s cuts and packaging. They use cheap glass, not Swarovski crystal. So check with your tack maker - Are they buying their Swarovski crystal from a approved re-seller? If no, chances are - It may not be genuine as unfortunantly there is no cheap buys when it comes to purchasing Swarovski.

Swarovski are the standard against which all other stones are judged.  With proper care their stunning sparkle and quality of a Swarovski stone will way outlast the impulse of sub par crystal or a cheap dull plastic replica.

Thanks guys!