All our browband bridles on the website are full size.  Our one ear or double one ear bridles are suitable for cob or full size as they do not have the additional measurement of the browband section. Our bridles measure approximately 36 - 42inches. We take this measurement from the leather cheek piece bit end leather fold (not including your bit in the measurement) all the way around the pole strap to the same point on the other side of the cheek. Make sure when you are measuring your's you are keeping your pole strap on your current holes.  

With so much variation in bits now days - If you require a different measurement such as longer or shorter let us know in the comments upon check out and we can custom adjust your pole strap at no extra charge.  We will provide holes on either side of your measurement for adjustment. If you require smaller size bridle we will do a custom order with you as we not stock these.

Breast Collars

Our breastcollars on the website are full size.

If you require a different size breast collar we will do a custom order with you as we do not stock these.

Spur Straps

Our spur straps are measured button hole to button hole approximately 7 3/4in - 9 3/4in

Dog Collars

Our dogs collars are measured from the leather fold at the buckle end to the shortest - longest hole. If you are wanting a custom dog collar make, please take your current dog collar and measure the leather fold to their current hole. We will provide additional hole adjustments on either side of this measurement.


If you would like to confirm how to measure on any of our items we are happy to assist so please send us a PM of Facebook or on email . Accurate custom measurements are the responsibility of the customer and as with all custom measurements all sales are final and no returns are accepted.